White Kryptonite Rock Candy

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The success in sales of this novelty has really been truly phenomenal! Through word of mouth, tourists and fans have been coming in from everywhere to stock up on these great tasting morsels.ย 
Great employee sales incentives, good for a laugh and...good to eat!
And kids really love 'em!

For years, we have had visitors coming in asking for the "Kryptonite Packets" and for years the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce distributed these packets until several reports came in regarding children putting the little green Kryptonite rocks(aquarium gravel) in their mouth thinking they were eating candy. Well, needless to say, the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce put a stop to making them available. After THAT, we had so many people coming in for the "Kryptonite" packets over the last few years. It was very sad to see the disappointment on the faces of the many children who left Metropolis empty handed. And many parents and Grandparents who sometimes would drive 1-2 hours out of their way to pick-up their "Kryptonite" would often be very upset and very vocal over the fact that we couldn't give them the green rocks in which they came for.Then after all of this, it hit us like a ton of White Meteors! ROCK CANDY CRYSTALS!!! Yes, this was IT! So, we got in touch with a very reputable old fashioned Rock Candy company in the New England area who has been involved with this Rock Candy tradition since 1880. Now, Metropolis Illinois and it's visitors have embraced the product in record numbers. Once again, happy faces and NO MORE DISAPPOINTMENTS! And they can eat all they want! Just in time for the Holiday season.

Help a flying hero...by eating up the Meteor Crystals. And, if you have a Super man in YOUR life...give him these tasty green crystal morsels, he'll surely be weak in the knees for you. Then...YOU are in charge. L.L.