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Superman: Metropolis Mocha/Vanilla 12oz Coffee -


Superman Action Comics coffee

Superman: The Metropolis Mocha
Comics On Coffee & DC have joined forces to make your mornings more
exciting and action packed with great tasting coffee! You donโ€™t need
x-ray vision to see that this coffee will make you more powerful than a
mocha-motive. This bold espresso bean has a natural chocolate taste.
Sourced from the high mountains of Nicaragua; and like all our coffee-
itโ€™s Direct Trade & all natural. We add an all-natural vanilla
flavored oil to make it an even greater tasting coffee.

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The Super Museum giftshop gets...Beautiful!

We now carry an assortment of DC Super Hero themed bath bombs, pore strips, face masks and body wash. Check our Bath Section for all the Bubbly new products!

Batman Gotham City Bath Set.  Face wash, cloth, conditioner, body wash

Our store

517 Market Street

Metropolis, IL 62960

Mon - Fri, 8am - 6pm
Saturday, 8am - 7pm
Sunday, 8am - 7pm



There are so many superhero items to buy and some great memorabilia to look at. Awesome place to visit.

Krusher Koloff

I had the pleasure of going here and the exhibits are very neat, the staff very helpful and friendly along with all the locals we spoke with, and the gift shop has very reasonably priced souvenirs such as the Kryptonite rocks and decals. The admission is very fair and I would have gladly paid double the asking price based on the quality of the items on display. I highly recommend this museum whether youโ€™re a devout Superman/comic book fan, or youโ€™re a newcomer to the character!

Joey Vettiankal

a Super place for a Superman fan! Key accessories to a big book , even
kitchen items .. If it has Superman on it or related to , you just might
find it here ! I definitely recommend kids to the much wiser kids come
and check this place out!

Al Freeman

my wife and 3 daughters visited the Museum. All I can say is, thank
you. I'm a huge comic book fan and dedicated Superman fan, and this was
everything I could have hoped for. Kitschy without being silly, full
of memorabilia without being cluttered. I was totally in love with it.
So much stuff from the movies, tv shows, and comic books. Loved every

Rory J. Welch