The Amazing World of Superman Collectible 1972 Mint Match book

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Absolutely very rare and mint!

Superman Matchbooks 1972 Mint/Unused.

This colorful unused matchbook was recently found after 36 years in dark storage in the old "Metropolis Chamber of Commerce" office building . Very bright and vibrant colors on both sides. On the inside of the cover is a very artistic printed coupon offering " 25 cents off" discount for the "Amazing World of Superman" Exhibition Center in Metropolis Illinois, "Home of Superman" which only lasted a year in 1972. The coupon artwork is reminiscent of the old "Barnum and Bailey" And "Ringling Bros." circus advertising from the turn of the 19th century. What a great and colorful Collectible/ memento... You just don't find them like this anymore!

Important note: It should also be stated that the bulk of these matchbooks were originally ordered destroyed as of course, the flammable and "dangerous for kids" product implied that Superman Matches could be used to light up cigarettes. Not only that..the matches could be used by children to start dangerous fires and we all know that this just wouldn't be right for Superman to be apart of! And it is because of this that 95% of the matchbooks were destroyed.

Collectors of Matchbooks will also tell you that "Superman Match Books" such as this book in this rare, mint and unused condition is in the "top 50 rarest Match books" of all time. $8.00 each.