Superman of Metropolis Signed by Alyn-Siegel-Shuster

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Check THIS out!!!! Original and MINT "Superman of Metropolis" Certificate circa 1972 from Metropolis Illinois, "Home of Superman".

It's BLANK! With NO NAME filled in the "recipient's space" (you could fill in your own name) and on top of all of's actually signed/autographed by Kirk Alyn (first actor to portray Superman in motion picture!), Joe Shuster (artist co-creator of Superman) and Jerry Siegel (writer co-creator of Superman) And of course we have a limited quantity of this item!

NOTE: The certificate in the pic is a sample pic only. The Certificates vary slightly on signatures from the sample... Don't worry the certificate you purchase is guaranteed to be 100% original and authentic.

Over 15 years ago, Jim Hambrick used to book Kirk, Joe and Jerry in conventions and special events in California. He was a manager of sorts and personal friend to all of these great Superman related Icons. When he was still in California, he talked the Chamber of Commerce in Metropolis out of a handful of these certificates and while in San Diego one year at a Comic Convention, Jim was able to get them each to sign them. Well here's one especially for YOU!!!

Signatures are guaranteed Authentic by Jim Hambrick, the "Keeper of Superman"!