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Strong & elastic silicone is perfect for holding on to your pressed pennies....fits all pressed pennies

An ultracool way to hold on to those memories

Keep your pressed pennies close at hand in a fashionable and functional way...pressed penny in image is not included

Simply insert your pressed penny into the pliable, 100% surgical-grade silicone (not latex) wristband

All shapes of pennies will fit (short or long tailed pennies) regardless how the penny machine is calibrated...PRESS ON!

Fast Fact: Silicone is a natural element (& the second most common element in the Earth's crust). Its's used to make glass & medical grade silicone (like our products) because it's non-toxic, durable & biocompatiable (works well with the human body).

Exceeds all safety standards of FDA & CPSIA

Patent No. D685,668 S & US D688,968 S

Naturally Derived - Non-Toxic - Ultra Durable 

Comes with your choice of our Metropolis Illinois monument pennies.

Ships from the Home of Superman!