TV Superman George Reeves Episode #2 Script

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Extremely Limited! Derived from the very rare original!

"The Haunted Lighthouse" Season 1 Episode 2

For those of you who are now looking at this, most of you already know the series and most of you already admire the man who played Superman for millions of us back in the 1950's. So we won't waiste anytime or space talking about how great the series was and still IS. Or what a great job George Reeves did in portraying the definative Superman for so many of us. And of course, the cast and crew and production staff that made it all happen for us every single week. We already know that!

Know that great care has been given to bring you what many of you have wanted for a long time... copies of the original episode scripts of the series. From collector to collector with a really cool twist!

The cover of the scripts have a couple of really cool features...a clear scan of the original 'Script Binder' cover art owned by George Reeves which was given to him by a crew member just before his debut as a director for the final 3 episodes of the series which he directed brilliantly to say the least. George was typed and he knew it to a certain degree but he was very interested in becoming involved with working on the other side of the camera for a change so he was given the opportunity to direct the final three by Whitney Ellsworth who was the then producer of the series. You can see a picture on the script cover of George holding the open script binder...well the white lettering 'George Reeves' name on the script cover is a clear scan taken directly from his personal Director's script binder. And the white, gray and gold 'director's chair and Megaphone' artwork was also scanned and incorperated into the script covers as a well deserved tribute to George Reeves. It just gives the script covers that extra added touch and each script for each episode displays the Season, episode and name of the particular episode that the script represents right on the cover.

Also, many scripts have hand written notations from directors, writers, producers and actors which makes reading these individual scripts so much fun as you can experience how the episodes were written, re-written, edited, shot, played and changed right to the final draft then to production. And the real treat is watching the episode and reading the dialogue from the script along with it. It really gives you some inside insight on how they made a successful TV series like 'The Adventures of Superman'. What a fantastic piece of television history!