Superman the animated series microverse Metropolis micro playset

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Microverse microplane just hit it big based off of Superman the animated series.  Metropolis micro playset

  The original superhero defends the city of Metropolis from all evildoers. Daily planet reporter Clark Kent keeps a constant watch flying into action as his alter ego Superman at the first hint of danger. Weather battling the evil villain parasite, curtailing the criminal activities of lex luthor, or excessing the mysterious resource of s t a r Labs, Superman uses his incredible powers to protect the citizens of Metropolis.


features flight ready Superman with flywear, star reporter Clark Kent, chopper landing pad, dual computer console, star labs holding cell with breakaway wall, quick change chamber where Clark can't become Superman, lex Corp helicopter with spinning blades, kryptonite capture vault spins with chopper blades, lex Corp kryptonite cell holding area, evil villain parasite, carrying case clips to belt to go anywhere.