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The Amazing World of Superman was the start of it all for Metropolis Illinois!

The two 1972 wallet size passes... one is for a "single" admission and one is for "family" admission these two cards are in mint condition! The mint 1992 memorial card (buisness card size) commemorates the "Death of Superman" memorial where they had a "mock up" funeral service and those who attended got this special card and donations were then being taken for the NOW WORLD FAMOUS SUPERMAN STATUE WHICH PROUDLY STANDS IN FRONT OF THE COURTHOUSE ON SUPERMAN SQUARE IN METROPOLIS ILLINOIS, "HOME OF SUPERMAN".

And of course we all know now that the fund raising efforts were a huge success. But back then? It was just a dream of a few civic leaders. An "Amazing World of Superman"Êmini sticker from 1973 in mint condition. And finally a mint 1994 parking decal which allowed residents to park on market street with out worry of being towed away. 1994 was the last year that this ordinance was the local law.