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Discoveries...America, Special Edition focuses on an extraordinary element of American Popular Culture. Talented people, interesting places and unusual things.


A unique little town lies in the midst of bottom land cornfields along the Ohio river and by Illinois State declaration, Metropolis Illinois is the official home town to America's #1 SUPER HERO... SUPERMAN!

At the foot of Market street in front of the county courthouse , a 15 ft. bronze in color statue of Superman...A perfect compliment to the "World Famous Supermuseum" which houses the 'World's largest Collection of Superman Memorabilia"! Celebrating the various incarnations of the "Man of Steel".


Jim Hambrick, founder, curator and most avid of Superman enthusiasts...takes you on a passionate personal tour of his prized collection of Superman memorabilia.

Over 100,000 items are displayed within his 15,000 square ft. museum.

Another 650,000 pieces are in storage ready for the museum's future expansions.

It's all about Superman on this Dolby digital 5.1 Surround Sound DVD...playable in ALL regions!