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by Peter Murano


With this book by your side, you can fully enjoy all 104 episodes of that fantastic TV show from the 1950s, “The Adventures of Superman”, starring George Reeves. Request your personalized copy today, or get one as a gift for that special person on your shopping list!


Inspired by Gary Grossman’s outstanding benchmark book, “Superman: Serial to Cereal”, Peter Murano’s creation seeks to rekindle the awe and appreciation of this most wonderful vintage TV adventure/sci-fi series in readers/viewers of all ages and generations.


The author owes a debt of gratitude to all who encouraged him in this project, and gives special and heartfelt acknowledgment to Jim Nolt, Randy Garrett, Noel Neill, Jack Larson, and Larry Ward.


This book is dedicated in supreme measure to the memory of George Reeves.


The book measures 8.5” x 11” and contains 352 pages. Shipping weight is almost four lbs. It was printed in 2005 in one production run, and copies are limited.



I must admit to having felt honored when I was asked by Peter Murano to write a review of his excellent book The George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion. Until recently, my association with classic TV had been limited to Lost in Space in the form of various projects and contributions, but the fact is that my fascination with TAOS actually predated any other boyhood interests.

I distinctly recall the show being aired by WGN-TV in Chicago seven days a week during the early to mid '60's, with the week day time slot being 4:00PM. Although I was also an avid Chicago Cubs fan, that loyalty would always be suspended if a game were to run late on any given day and interfere with my daily afternoon Superman fix. Quite simply, this was a show that made an indelible impression on me as a young man, due in large part to George Reeves' powerful portrayal of the Man of Steel.

Peter Murano's written contribution to the world of TAOS is impressive at first glance, and manages to maintain that status upon close scrutiny. The striking cover illustration by fellow artist Randy Garrett depicting a mature, latter-season Superman is the first indication that this work is indeed something special. A quick scan of the 352 pages that follow reveals a carefully crafted and thoroughly researched chronicle of the classic series, complete with a generous number of still color images obtained via video capture.

Unlike Gary Grossman's earlier effort Serial to Cereal, which assumed essentially a season-by-season approach, Peter analyzes each episode individually while including special features such as "trivia test," "memorable lines," and "secret identity alert." The design of the book is novel and inviting, and coupled with the content, it creates a scenario where one becomes quite unwilling to put it down. Another notable feature is the thorough documentation of guest stars and guest villains, including other famous roles that they had played or would claim in later years. One notable omission, however, involved The Golden Vulture guest star Vic Perrin's most memorable later role: that of the Control Voice of the classic series The Outer Limits.

That one oversight aside, however, I can truthfully say that this book should find its way into the home of every TAOS fan, particularly as a companion to the recently released DVD sets by Warner Home Video. The ability to look up details about individual episodes including the character actors is an invaluable tool, and one that makes viewing these classics once again that much more enjoyable. I only wish that George could know what staying power his unforgettable character has had, coupled with a positive influence on so many that becomes difficult to describe. Several of us have felt compelled to honor him with artistic projects and tributes of various types, and Peter Murano's example in the form of a literary contribution is, quite simply, a "must have."

- Ron Gross      July, 2006



What a terrific book! It is such a fine tribute to George Reeves and the rest of the Superman cast. I enjoyed the book so much that I ordered a second copy for my son to have. Each episode is detailed extremely well in an interesting, easy to follow format. I also found the cd that came with the book discussing classical music and the Superman show quite informative and entertaining. As an elementary school music teacher in a public school system, I am constantly looking for innovative and unique ways to introduce classical music to my students; and in part thanks to the information discussed on the CD, I may incorporate some of the Superman classical soundtrack music in a future classroom presentation. And so whether you are just discovering The Adventures of Superman for the very first time, or like me, a "seasoned" baby boomer and veteran viewer of the Superman episodes, Peter Murano's George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion is a book that every Superman fan should own. Thanks, Peter for sharing your labor of love with us. 


The book arrived today and I must confess I was a little anxious. I couldn't get the package opened fast enough and haven't put the book down since. That was 5 hours ago. What a great book !!!!!!!! It is everything you always wanted to know about Superman but didn't know who to ask. I love that it is just about George Reeves and not those really dumb other Superman movies. You did a wonderful job. This book is going to be a big hit. It is exactly what I was looking for and the exact type of book I envisioned. Super job on Superman.

The George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion arrived this evening and I must say, it truly is a "Superman Silver Mine" (or should I say a gold mine) of information. It's wonderful!! I've only had a moment to briefly look through this masterpiece, but I love what I've seen so far. This is certainly one book that will be opened again and again. I can now appreciate the amount of work you put into it and the final result is a beautiful book.Thank you so much for this extraordinary piece of work and for your kind words inscribed inside.

As an Australian fan of George Reeves, I can only express my complete admiration at the work Pete has produced. My first reaction was one of awe at the numerous colour images throughout the book. Never have I seen the show captured so comprehensively in such an array of photos. That alone makes the publication unique. However, once I had the opportunity to focus on the text, I realised how much I loved the format chosen by Pete. The synopsis of each episode, the flying effects used, the Super Powers demonstrated - and finally the author's Comments on the piece, told from the perspective of both a researcher and fan. There is nothing I can think of that's been omitted. This milestone book has very quickly taken pride of place in my collection!